The Surrogacy Review 2023 Tv Show
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The Surrogacy Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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The Surrogacy Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

The Surrogacy, originally titled, Madre de alquiler, is a brand new and intensely woven Mexican drama series that made its arrival exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Araceli Guajardo has acted as the writer and creator of the emotionally charged series that tackles some heavy themes, including motherhood, social injustice, deceit, and the quest for the truth.

The official synopsis for the 24-episode series, The Surrogacy, given by Netflix, reads as follows:

Ever since the series was released on the popular streaming platform, the audience has been quite curious to learn how the new series has turned out.

The Surrogacy chronicles the story of a young surrogate mother and her inspiring and heartbreaking journey to uncover the dark truths of an unjust and privileged higher society. The series takes viewers on a gripping ride with its powerful storyline and performances by the lead cast.

The Surrogacy provides the audience with an emotionally heavy and highly thought-provoking story that feels striking from the get-go. It gives viewers an insight into the complicated and dark side of surrogacy, uncovering a series of astounding secrets, lies, and shocking revelations that questions societal norms.

The series successfully leaves the audience doubting their perceptions as well.

Opening with a stirring scene with the protagonist Yeni waking up in a hospital and discovering that the baby she has carried as a surrogate mother has a disability, the series sets the bar quite high right out of the gate. This shocking revelation makes the lead character ready for a deeply haunting quest to find some dark truths.

The writer of the new series, Araceli Guajardo, has done an extraordinary job of writing the story in a way that it feels real, raw, and quite moving. Every scene has been crafted with rich writing and the underlying heaviness of the emotional storyline, giving viewers a watch-worthy experience.

What sets The Surrogacy apart is its gripping direction that puts the main focus on the unflinching exploration of the different power dynamics throughout the series.

The extreme contrast between the influence of the higher society of Mexico and the painful vulnerability of individuals getting entangled in their vast web acts as an eye-opener.

This aspect of the social commentary has been highlighted by the director of the series. The pacing is extremely well-balanced, making important moments of suspense shine. Each episode of the Netflix series is bound to make viewers hungry for more. Thus, the series is definitely worth the watch.

Actor Shani Lozano, who plays the lead role of Yeni in the series has done an exceptional job of portraying the complex and layered character. The actor has dived deep into the role to bring out all the painful nuances of the character’s fight for the truth.

The character’s emotional turmoil makes viewers feel for her as she struggles with the complications of her miserable situation. Her portrayal of extreme vulnerability and selflessness is one of the biggest highlights of the series.

Other actors in the series, including Luis Ernesto Franco, Vanesa Restrepo, Marcela Guirado, Minnie West, Leticia Calderón, and Alejandro de la Madrid, among others, have also done an amazing job of portraying their respective characters in an in-depth manner.

The Surrogacy Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online