Victimsuspect 2023 Movie
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Victim/Suspect 2023 Movie Review

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Victim/Suspect 2023 Movie Review

All this documentary did is reinforce,how broken the system remains.

Honestly all victims need to bring legal counsel with them,this only proves that immensely.

What is further scary.. Will make attackers feel invincible,because police are so lazy doing a proper investigation.

It begs the question do many get in law enforcement/official capacities for wrong reasons,basically protecting”boys will be boys”club or being able to bully but calling it interrogation & so forth? Not saying females in power positions are any better,some will be just as cruel if not worse.

All that was missing was,if you would of dressed different garbage.. Beyond sickening & typical gaslight excuses,done by those in charge of sex crimes.

I feel worried for those who are future victims,that fail to come forward as a result of seeing this.

Hoping law enforcement change their tactics,but feel that will never happen but instead cover things up more.. Tapes that interrogate victims,etc.

Again.. Bring someone with that “you” trust & will advocate on your behalf,not just from a victims group especially if police recommended. -Some are shady & on the wrong side,of actually helping victims.

Hope those in charge or having power,start making their communities safer.

Still.. Watch this including with your daughters to teach them,how to protect themselves not just from attackers but legally.

Victim/Suspect 2023 Movie Review