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A Beautiful Life 2023 Movie Review

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A Beautiful Life 2023 Movie Review

Life moves incredibly fast, and sometimes people can get stuck in the same routine. It’s important to have dreams and to have the ambition to become something greater. Just because you have to make a living in a job that you do not have your heart set on doesn’t mean you can’t do what you actually want to do.

What A Beautiful Life explores is the ability to grow at any stage in life. Elliott is someone who is just living for the next day because of his current profession. His heart is not one with the sea as a fisherman, instead, his heart lies with the music industry. He has been in the shadows because his friend overpowers him and he always gets what he wants because of who his father is.

Director Mehdi Avaz explores one man’s dream to move forward in life with something that he has always wanted to do. Elliott keeps fighting and challenging himself throughout the film, but he doesn’t forget to humbly be himself.

A Beautiful Life review and plot summary

Elliott is a young fisherman works extremely hard to make a living during the day to keep himself afloat. But his love of music is where his passion lies. He has an incredible voice and he plays guitar. He plays a gig with his close friend, who doesn’t have the strongest voice. It’s clear that he wanted to be the lead singer and kept his friend as backup, which doesn’t make sense if he has a better voice.

At this one gig, there were music producers in the audience and once Elliott starts singing the entire room stops for him. His friend noticed how people responded and wanted to wait for the producer after the show. Unfortunately, his friend gets into a scuffle with some bad people in the alley and Elliott defends him.

The producer follows Elliott to the police station and offers him money for his singing capabilities. He really wants to perform and get out of this life that he’s currently living. His friend doesn’t have his best interests at heart and he sees that. He has a gambling addiction and survives off his father’s money, which is the opposite of how Elliott lives.

Is A Beautiful Life good or bad?

A Beautiful Life is a sweet film that shows the love artists have for the industry and the different passions they express. It’s important for Elliott to stay true to himself and his roots while navigating this industry no matter how he gets there.

Even though he does come off as reserved, there are moments in the film that show his big heart. It is a good film that has a bit of romance as he opens himself up to other possibilities in his life.

Is A Beautiful Life worth watching?

If you are looking for a heartfelt inspirational journey then this is something you should watch. Elliott has a wonderful voice and the dedication to his craft is inspiring. His soul comes through the songs he sings and it’s an enjoyable movie because of it.

Elliott finds a new family that uplifts him and wants him to succeed. Once the romance comes in it does overpower the rest of his journey, but it’s important for him to dive into something new to change his life for the better.

A Beautiful Life 2023 Movie Review