Ninjago Dragons Rising Review 2023 Tv Show
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Ninjago: Dragons Rising Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Ninjago: Dragons Rising Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

A couple of weeks ago, the title of the new Ninjago Series: Dragons Rising was revealed. The series will arrive, along with new sets on the first of June in most of the world, although it might take a little longer to arrive elsewhere. – July 1 in Australia for example.

In the series we see the result of the Mergequake – the Realms that have been previously seen on Ninjago, as well as others not seen to date – join together to present a new world, with some familiar aspects. The series will focus on two new characters: Sora and Arin, along with a baby dragon names Riyu.

This will be a great opportunity for the Ninjago-Curious to step into the world, with no knowledge of previous canon necessary to watch the program, although the creative team assured us at a round table meeting a few weeks ago that there will be plenty of tidbits to keep the long time fans of the show happy.

I will post some of the highlights from round table – where the creative team discussed the discussed the new series, as well as the new sets – later in the week. Today, it is all about the new sets. While our old ninja are not front in centre in the new show, they are prominent in the new sets, along with the new heroes and a new villainous faction: the Imperium.

You can read through the press material, and browse through the new sets. The series maintains its Fantasy- Sciience Fiction roots, and so there are plenty of dragons, Mechs, Temples, and futuristic vehicles.

There is even a new Sphere element – used in a variety of ways: providing the gliding surface for new spinners; allowing race cars to mount spinning attacks, and providing an energy source/form of attack for the larger Dragon Models.

The Press Release

Today, the LEGO Group is revealing the new, merged realms of LEGO NINJAGO with brand new characters, products, and an animated TV show created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The products and TV show are launching June 1st.

“We wanted to create a new LEGO NINJAGO world with exciting characters and elements that invites new fans in and stays true to the iconic legacy. So, as well as welcoming back our well-known ninjas, we are equally excited to introduce new fantastic ninjas and dragon characters. This follows research we did with kids back in 2021, which showed they really wanted dragons to be front and centre of the new story.” says Nigel Kong, Head of Product for LEGO NINJAGO.

Introducing new ninja characters Sora and Arin, and a baby dragon character Riyu. The new generation of NINJAGO characters will come together and must unlock their true potential to find the well-known ninjas, who have gone missing in a new world of merged realms. The ninjas will need all the help they can get to defend the source dragons who will unite their world forever or destroy it completely.

After 12 years of storylines, villains, character dilemmas across 15 TV seasons and 215 episodes aired in 191 countries and translated into 26 languages, a movie, mini-movies, video- and app games, more than 200 million LEGO NINJAGO sets sold, magazines, books, colouring books, graphic novels, trading cards, merchandise, clothing collaborations with cool brands, golden minifigures, 10th Anniversary sets, hotel rooms, a LEGOLAND park ride, and a huge fan community – the world of LEGO NINJAGO is reaching new heights.

Show and sets coming June 1st
The brand-new LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising TV show is coming to broadcast channels and streaming services around the world from June 1st. Part 1 airing in June consists of 10 episodes of 22 minutes each, while part 2 with an additional 10 episodes will be released in the fall. The show has been created with Unreal Engine, which enabled the team to be more collaborative and creative in the animation process, and to reach a higher visual quality than ever before. Find more information on show availability on

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online