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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Steven R. Monroe
Writer: S.W. Sessions
Stars: Brooks Darnell, Nazneen Contractor, Erik Athavale

I’m so glad that Hallmark Channel has decided to feature relative newcomers to the channel outside of their Christmas programming event. Representation is about consistency, not just when convenient, so this is another move in the right direction for Hallmark. As I have mentioned so many times before on this blog, I truly enjoyed Nazneen Contractor in The Christmas Ring, so I’m looking forward to seeing her again so soon!

A Winter Getaway was originally titled Love in the Alps when the New Year New Movies schedule was first announced. However, since then, the title has obviously changed. It seems like the setting of the movie has also been altered. Courtney and Joe now travel to the Canadian Rockies for that winter getaway.

Winterfest has been rebranded as New Year New Movies. If you’re curious about the other movies premiering this month, check out my preview of the 2021 New Year New Movies.

Courtney (Nazneen Contractor) is the best at what she does. She works for an elite firm of professional personal concierges, and somehow she always knows just what and how to obtain the unobtainable for her clients. Her latest wealthy client requires that she make a trip to Canada where he has a ski trip planned.

Joe (Brooks Darnell) isn’t exactly comfortable with all of the opulence and wealth that surrounds him in his hotel, and the menus that come with this expensive lifestyle. But what he does enjoy is the excellent skiing, and the company of Courtney, the one unexpected meeting of this trip. However, Joe also has some heartbreak and a kind of battle that he doesn’t know how to talk about.

I want to say this one in some respects, but the other two I’ve seen have nostalgic reasons for being favorites, and so I cannot dismiss them. Still, there is something about A Winter Getaway that’s undeniably sweet.

I think the entire premise is one of the reasons why. It feels like a kind of fairy tale without actually being one. Add into this script a truly good guy, and you have a successful romance. Speaking of Joe, Brooks Darnell embodies him well, and always makes sure Joe is a consistently gentlemanly hero. Something I quite appreciate. Of course, this is the second time we’ve had the chance to see Nazneen in a role form this network, and again, she’s good. She plays the consummate professional well and if we must have a whole break up bit, I like how these two play it.

When the end credits roll around, again, this is another charming way to spend ninety minutes. There’s pretty scenery, some new (!!) winter activity scenes, a setting in Canada (where these film), and of course, a cheerful end that is sure to make any of us smile.

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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online