Go, Dog, Go 2021 tv show
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Go, Dog, Go Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Go, Dog, Go Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Stars: James Cartmell, Johnathan Hipkiss, Hannah Hutch

Dogs of all combinations and colors — even green! — are on the go here. They’re up, down, going around in a Ferris wheel, working, playing ball, diving in water, hitting tennis balls atop a big balloon, and driving all over town in perfectly petite cars. The suspense builds as a troop of cars speeds toward a mysterious tree. At the top of the tree a big dog party is in full swing. “What a dog party!” It prompts a pink poodle to don a party hat flamboyant enough to finally impress the finicky yellow dog.

This is a total gem of a book for kids getting ready to read. There’s no break in the action, lots of visual cues (can’t miss the green dog on the yellow tree), and plenty of silliness to keep kids going. It’s hard to resist shouting, “I do not like that hat! Good-by!”

Kids may not read all 64 pages the first time out, but since the words repeat and build on each other it’s an easy confidence builder to add words every day. And the big reward: “A dog party! A big dog party!” And of course one outrageous party hat.

Families can talk about where the dogs go: up, down, over, under, around and around, and around again. Write these great words out on a chalkboard or a big piece of posterboard and cut out pictures of animals or people going in all different directions.

What’s fun about a book with dog characters? Do you think the cake they eat would taste yummy or like dog food?

Why do you think the yellow dog doesn’t like most of the pink poodle’s hats? Do you think the yellow dog is being nice or a rude when he says he doesn’t like them?

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Go, Dog, Go Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online