All of Those Voices 2023 Movie Review
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All of Those Voices 2023 Movie Review

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All of Those Voices 2023 Movie Review

After taking a hiatus from one of the most prolific bands of the 2010s, One Direction, Louis Tomlinson needed a way to find out what his identity is like while making music in his recently premiered documentary All of Those Voices. He has recently been attending premieres all over the world in countries like Japan, England and Mexico. While the Japan and England premieres are already over, the artist was seen in pictures today at the Mexico City premiere.

Here’s everything you need to know about the music docu-film releasing soon.

All of Those Voices Cast

Members from One Direction, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik make their appearances in the film along with Tomlinson’s mother and other members of his music production team. It is directed by Charlie Lightening and will run for an hour and forty-four minutes.

All of Those Voices Plot/Synopsis

The documentary is seen to be focussing on his career as an artist who started off in a band, while he figures out how to make music by himself and carry himself in a world where the band members are not working together anymore. He explained in detail how all he expected was to work in a band, and it would rather be this or nothing. Even apart from music, coming back to the public forefront is a little difficult when the band isn’t working together anymore.

Visuals from the documentary show his last performance with One Direction and the stark contrast he has with his life now, with people working for him alone instead of together in a group. However, he started to build on his capabilities and realised that he does have an individual voice that would do well with sharing music with other people. In the video, he also speaks about calling his mother regarding this and her telling him that he would obviously do that.

The shots then move towards showing him confident that things are finally lining up for him the way they are supposed to now that it is all coming together. We see some snippets from his 2022 world tour that sold out stadiums, while the documentary also promises that fans will get to see some behind-the-scenes from the creation of his most recently released album in 2022 titled Faith in the Future for which he will be going on tour soon.

All of Those Voices is a welcome into his world and a big presentation that he is worthy of all the good things happening in his life, including the reception he has been getting for his music. As one of his companions expressed that he may be underestimated but that has just made it more fun to continue making music for people.

All of Those Voices 2023 Movie Review