Apples Never Fall Review 2024 Tv Show
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Apples Never Fall Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Apples Never Fall Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

This 7-part series is based on a book by an author that my wife reads and enjoys, although she had not read this particular book. While this series has a number of awkward spots in total it is interesting and entertaining story-telling. The last episode ties lots of things up and is written to show how it is important for families, parents and their adult children, to keep dialog going and not take each other for granted.

Annette Bening is Joy Delaney and Sam Neill is her long-time husband Stan Delaney. Each was a tennis star in earlier days and in retirement established a successful tennis academy. As this series opens they are fairly freshly retired, having sold the academy.

There is an additional character, Savannah, a stranger that shows up at their door claiming to be a victim of boyfriend abuse and Joy, being a kind person, takes her in. She quickly becomes an ex officio member of the family, to the consternation of the others. It turns out she has a key role in resolving everything.

Joy and Stan have four adult children, each quite different, each with a different idea of what success in life might look like. There is an argument, the children blame Joy, won’t take or return her calls under the guise of being too busy. Then Joy disappears. They find her phone in the laundry basket.

This all happens in the first episode, setting up what transpires in the rest of the episodes. The whole show is presented by alternating between a “then” and “now” manner, each time it goes from one to the other script at the bottom of the frame states which it is. So we get some information, but not all, and the rest is revealed gradually. In truth it could have been a 2-hour movie but I get why it is a 7-part series, more opportunity for insertion of 1-minute commercials during each episode. Revenue is important.

Joy is at first just presumed simply missing, as the days go by family and police get hints that she may in fact be no longer alive. So, much of the show is family dynamics as they search for their mother and the reasons she disappeared.

My wife and I watched it streaming on Peacock over three evening, 2, 2, then 3 episodes. It is satisfyingly entertaining.

The several negative reviews and “1” ratings are totally bogus, it is as if they didn’t actually see the series.

Apples Never Fall Review 2024 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online