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Burial 2022 Movie Review

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Burial 2022 Movie Review

Burial is documentarian Emilija Škarnulyte’s sparse, detailed, and haunting look at the ongoing clean-up at the decommissioned Ignalina nuclear reactor in Lithuania, the sister power plant to Chernobyl, which was taken off-line not too long after the latter had a disastrous meltdown due to structural and technological similarities. At the peak of its production capabilities, Ignalina was the most powerful nuclear plant in the world. Now, it’s a delicate ecological matter to try and clean it up, one that will continue on until the end of this century and beyond.

There’s no dialogue throughout Burial, save for some archival audio and a bit of on-screen text here and there for context. Škarnulyte works frequently in close-ups, appropriately trying to get down to the atomic level of everything, which sometimes offers up some haunting images, most notably in an underwater, abandoned uranium mine.

Some of the best documentaries give viewers a look inside spaces and placed they would never see otherwise, and Burial is a great example of that. The images are often fascinating. It’s just a shame that Škarnulyte gives into obvious symbolism all too frequently, throwing what’s an otherwise perfectly decent observational documentary out of alignment. Lengthy bits involving a snake slithering through some of the spaces doesn’t add much, and the on-the-nose ending seems out of place and obvious in ways the rest of the film seeks to avoid.

Burial 2022 Movie Review

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Burial 2022 Movie Review

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