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Cheat Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Cheat Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

To the list of British things that baffle the rest of the world – Yorkshire puddings, the cost of London Underground journeys, queuing – we can now add Danny Dyer. Netflix has made its first British quiz show, called Cheat, meaning that our foremost geezer now has a global audience.

Technically, he co-hosts it alongside comedian and recent Strictly contestant Ellie Taylor, but the sheer force of Dyer obliterates anyone within a 20-metre radius, and so this is really his show. Even the episodes of Cheat are named after his turns of phrase, because for some reason the episodes here have names: Scumbags, The Lot of ‘Em; Starting to Get a Bit Naughty Now; A Bunch of Absolute Wrong ‘uns; He’s Got the Right Hump. I promise I am not making this up.

Unfortunately, Cheat is such a terrible gameshow that Dyer can’t save it. What Netflix should have done is somehow buy the rights to The Wall, a brilliant BBC show in which Dyer bellows at a giant wall as if he’s asking it outside for a fight. Cheat is both boring and confusing. Contestants have to answer a series of questions but can cheat by pressing a secret button which brings up an answer on their screen. The winning contestant is the one who correctly guesses which of their rivals is cheating most often. There is a tortuous subset of rules governing it all.

Dyer commits fully to this, because that’s what Danny Dyer does and we can only love him for it. He speaks in Dyer-isms. “The rules: they’re double simple.” Win the game and “you will leave here dripping in dosh”. Someone suggests Gogglebox as an answer. “Or was that Goggleb——s?” Dyer asks.

At one point he acknowledges the international audience by asking someone to say something in Korean, but the chances of this becoming a global hit are slim to nil. Hit Netflix gameshows are the ones in which the game and its rules are so simple that you could watch it with the sound off: Is It Cake? (guess whether this item is real or made of cake) or Floor Is Lava (don’t fall off the obstacle course, because we’re pretending the floor is lava). Whoever commissioned Cheat was a right mug.

Cheat Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online