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Chokehold Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Chokehold Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

“Chokehold” is an interesting slow-burner with some fine thrilling elements that has everything to please its audience, yet it doesn’t bring anything new to the genre neither manages to bring anything that can make viewers discussing much about it afterwards. Thanks to the critical character played by Kivanç Tatlitug is that keep ourselves slightly glued to the screen just wanting to know how he’s gonna solve all the problems he causes or are thrown upon him. The guy is like a magnet to attract problems, and he always needs to be quick on his wits to find ways and means to solve everything.

Tatlitug plays a Yalin, a businessman involved in some shady scheme in Istanbul that he needs to retreat himself and his wife (Funda Eryigit) to a distant location area in the Aegean area to avoid conflicts as the charges against him are pending in court. Peace and quiet cannot be found since all the locals know exactly who he is – some because he lived there during his childhood and his father is a wealthy man; others know him because of the finantial scandal they think he caused upon them, and because all of that he needs to find ways to fight for his life, becoming a hunted man, but he also needs to assure his wife that everything’s under control and they can live quietly.

Story keeps a very slow manner, everything keeps unfolding in a quiet manner and the more we discover about Yalin, our hero initially, the more we find out he’s not all that good a person. Surely, the violence can be excused in a way since he’s just defending himself from the vicious attacks he suffers, but one may wonder if he’s all that innocent from the crimes they said he committed with his company, why he never manages to say anything for himself, or try some argument?

Through the whole ordeal, he just run away and hide until the breaking point comes and murder becomes the sollution.

I went in without much expectations yet I was satisfied with most of what I’ve seen. The way Yalin’s scandal is treated is interesting for the time being, since it’s a frequent thing that’s always on the news, and to mix that with a revenge from those he harmed makes up an interesting concept. The few obstacles that prevent “Chokehold” in becoming better than it is comes from some less realistic elements, implausible moments or some lack of following things through (lousy police work and there’s no way it could be said they fail on purpose. Script error indeed). And there are so many elements that could be added into the mix, to make Yalin’s crusade something even more dangerous could be included yet the script fails for not spicing things up, for the benefit of a story that has many good things to show, yet it makes things all a little too simple.

It’s a fine thriller that can also works as a dramatic character study about a pathological liar who lies so well and so good that everybody belives in him.

But knowing he can’t escape himself and neither others for too long, that challenge is more difficult to solve than all the web of lies, hurt and deception he left all the way behind him. Is there actually a way out? 6/10.

Chokehold Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online