Rough Diamonds Review 2023 Tv Show
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Rough Diamonds Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Rough Diamonds Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

This show has three main problems which make it really painful to watch after a few episodes.

1) Main character Noah is extremely unlikable. He seems to be portrayed as a voice of reason coming to an incapable scheming hasidic family. It is not like they hide his problematic past and even problematic “current employment” is shown. Still, he is presented as the more honest, ready to accept his mistakes, not hiding behind a religion etc. Within this hypocritical family.

Yet, when you really watch, while he always makes gestures of accepting his mistakes, always verbalizes great care for others, his actions speak the opposite. He gets his friends in trouble with no clear remorse. He constantly promises he’ll protect someone with no ability to do so. He keeps pursuing his “long lost love”, meanwhile starts sleeping with another woman. The whole time telling her how he will take care of her, that he’ll take her out of the mess she is in – despite himself being in a much greater mess which could endanger her and her children, and knowing full well that if her family finds out what is going on it will destroy her life.

2) Illogical behavior and utter incapability all around. Characters go to a great length to get themselves out of problems, only to then suddenly care about some random people and dig themselves even deeper in. I guess the show must continue… Also while portrayed as tough guy who knows what he is doing, at many occasions Noah suddenly acts totally stupid.

3) The Hasidic Jews are portrayed as a total stickman for the liberal directors to use for target practice. They are all shown as very one dimensional, rotten, scheming, hypocritical people. I expected the show being situated in a hasidic environment would be a refreshing twist, this portrayal just makes you cringe.


Overall – I am not sure if the show intended to make all the characters really unlikable, or if they intended for Noah to be likable and he just isn’t. Either way, you don’t root for anyone in the show, and kinda wish some of them got killed already.

Rough Diamonds Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online