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Fidelity Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Fidelity Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Produced by Bibi Film and written by Alessandro Fabbri, Elisa Amoruso and Laura Colella , directed by Andrea Molaioli ( The girl of the lake, Suburra – the series ) and Stefano Cipani ( My brother chases dinosaurs ), Fidelity is distributed on the Netflix platform on the day of lovers, on February 14, 2022, despite the six-episode series not being totally in the mood for couples who intend to celebrate Valentine’s Day without couple worries. Netflix also shows an interest in publishing original series from Italy on its platform, which in 2021 made Netflix productions such as Generation 56K , Astrological Guide to broken hearts , E ‘è stato la mano di Dio , A classic horror story , 4 M mezzo , Luna Park and without forgetting the acclaimed series Tear Along the Edges , films and series which, however, have not always received the acclaim of critics and viewers. Will fidelity be appreciated by critics and the public? Undoubtedly to all the potential to be on paper, given that the story is freely taken from the novel of the same name by Marco Missiroli, winner of the Young Witch Award and finalist at the 73rd Witch Award but this serial production, will have been able to capture the introspective soul present in the literary version?

Arisa’s song was born from the pen of Mario Fanizzi, a music producer I met in Los Angeles and with whom I had the pleasure of making songs and other projects. The song was born with the intention of creating a piece for the series that could represent the emotions and the explosive force of the book. Once the song was finished we involved Arisa, who seemed to us to be the right face: strong and disenchanted. Arisa brought her energy and his talent to writing. He collaborated with us to complete the song, decreeing its title, Verosimile.

Carlo, a writer about to finish his second novel, works as a part-time professor of creative writing, giving private courses to some aspiring writers. His wife Margherita, on the other hand, is a real estate agent with the dream of being able to practice in the future as an architect and interior designer, the profession she studied for. The two live in a small studio apartment, full of small problems and which is now close to Margherita who wishes and hopes to be able to move with the man she loves in a luxurious and spacious apartment in Via Concordia in Milan, the place where she is. already imagines his life. The two have a sexually active life and a good relationship as a couple, but when they are outside the home their desires push them elsewhere. Carlo craves the quiet beauty of one of his students, Sofia:Will these hidden impulses, held back and left free, destroy the couple’s fidelity?

On Treccani, looking for the lemma Fidelity, the word at the very basis of this serial production, we find some interesting reflections, those at the very basis of the novel by Missiroli and the directors Molaioli and Cipiani, who constantly whisper in our ears: what does it mean to be faithful? Constantly insinuating that total fidelity towards the other does not exist, in the ways we desire, rather that fidelity must be clearly distinguished and that each of us must make a choice: to be faithful to the couple by accepting all the limits and acceptance that this entails in a natural way where one has to yield on some points in favor of the other (and vice versa) or if we have to bring absolute respect to ourselves, listening to all our passions and desires, giving life to them?Carlo and Margherita live within this conflict: be faithful to themselves or to the couple? 

The two protagonists, from the beginning of the series, prove unable to live within these two dimensions, indeed they seem to become prisoners of their situation as a couple. In their stable relationship, they feel safe from their fears and frailties but at the same time feel imprisoned by their monogamous routine and life. Carlo dreams of loving one of his students, Margherita can’t wait to go to the physiotherapist to be touched and get lost in her sexual imagination, because she wants to create a perverse world, hidden from others, where her nature more hidden from others can escape. . In the relationship of a couple she is the one who gives in to her aspirations in favor of her husband’s, forcing us not to let ourselves go to temptation. Carlo, on the other hand, is the one who does a little bit what he wants, he writes his new novel and for this reason puts the whole future of the couple on stand-by, as if this new work of his had absolute importance on everything and everyone. But Carlo is also confused, he doesn’t know what is right and wrong, he doesn’t know whether to act or remain firm, to the sexual temptation he has before him: remain faithful to his wife or follow her instinct and her will?

The series to tell this story shows the body and carnality in an explicit way, without censorship, in order to give life to the sexual desires of the two protagonists, in fact the sense is an important component within the narration, not surprisingly, since the first. scene we find a moment of erotic passion, not used in Italian productions, where the two protagonists, in a game, and in the workplace give themselves to crazy sexual passion. If many scenes and looks (thanks to the performances by Michele Riondino and Lucrezia Guidoneabili) also work thanks to a very precise rhythmic choice made up of constant action, we find some smudges in the writing of the dialogues that are too didactic and not very inclined to reality, since they have a linguistic use that is too literary and not spoken. Another flaw concerns the story regarding the house that does not work from a logical point of view: Margherita and Carlo declare that they have no money to move to their new dream home, but at the same time they seem to frequent luxury places (especially the one concerning the physiotherapist). and besides they have two good jobs, so why have economic problems?

The story is not based on a true narrative originality, on the contrary it has a too banal incipit, showing from the beginning a couple crisis and the beginning of their disintegration, but what is interesting is the way in which the two characters deal with the everything, in which they are confronted with their feelings and impulses, since we see all their hesitations and their sense of guilt for what is about to happen. Furthermore, the metaphor regarding their home is well done: the studio apartment that is falling apart, a bit like their relationship that becomes more and more unstable every episode, or the apartment in Via Concordia is the metaphor of their inability to trust. of the other and readiness to lay the foundations for creating a family on the part of Margherita and Carlo.

Fidelity Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online