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Forecasting Love and Weather Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Forecasting Love and Weather Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Who’d have guessed meteorology could be so thrilling? Forecasting Love and Weather is a new Saturday/Sunday drama that begins with some excellent drama and weaves it around the weather. The heavy rain symbolises Ha- Kyung’s insane emotional rollercoaster, while Si-Woo is shown in bright sunshine, expressing his own mood.

Park Min-Young and Song-Kang have been paired up for this new office love drama. It seems like, Park Min-Young is the queen of office romance dramas. She has given us the best performances in her previous hit dramas like “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” and “Her Private Life”. On the other hand, Song Kang fed us with some steamy romance in his previous drama “Nevertheless”. Let’s see what “Forecasting Love and Weather” has to offer us.

In the first episode of Forecasting Love and Weather, Ha-Kyung tries frantically to communicate with her spouse, Ki-Jun. He’s late, and her mother isn’t happy about it. She instead takes her daughter to see a fortune teller. Apparently, Ha-future Kyung’s does not include a happy ending.

As she walks away, the teller tells Ha-Kyung to bring an umbrella since it’s going to rain. “Rain, my foot,” says the narrator. Ha-Kyung scoffs and walks away from the umbrella.

Before going to work, Ha-Kyung pays a visit to Ki-house. Jun’s He’s changed the passcode and claims that a cold shower has made him feel better. However, Ha-Kyung is called away from her investigation due to an emergency at work.

We discover a little more about Ha-coworkers Kyung’s at the Korea Meteorological Administration, where she works. One of them is a woman named Reporter Chae, who is picked up by her overbearing boyfriend, Si-Woo.

As they drive out for a drink, his new automobile is slow, and their time together is awkward. It’s evident she’s not interested in him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. But, suddenly, it starts hailing — the fortune teller was correct! Is this to say she was also correct about Ha-tragic Kyung’s end?

In any case, the meteorological station is a hive of activity as a result of the hailstorm. They discover a signal that seems to point to this happening, which was previously overlooked. This is a serious situation, and the loss of judgement has resulted in significant harm throughout the area.

Ha-Kyung notices him clutching his chest in anguish as he departs and returns to his desk, with reporters outside and Director Choi covering for the workers. Choi passes out shortly after collapsing on the floor.

It’s another signal, and it has something to do with the episode’s title. As an ambulance arrives and transports him away, the spot becomes available for the briefing… which Ha-Kyung is promptly assigned to attend.

Meanwhile, Director Choi is overseen by Go Bong-Chan, who arrives at the hospital. It turns out he’s had high blood pressure for quite some time, and his wife is concerned, pointing out that he’s been dealing with work obligations. She doesn’t want him to miss out on a promotion due to this one blunder.

When Bong-Chan returns to the workplace, he instructs the others not to visit him for the time being in order to reduce Choi’s stress levels. Despite the fact that he is getting married in a month, Ha-Kyung is placed in temporary command.

Meanwhile, Si-woo does his own investigation and concludes that the ground temperature in Gongwon is excessively high, despite the fact that it is just mid-March. It appears to indicate an impending storm, but when he phones it in, they dismiss it as an anomalous reading and tell him not to be concerned.

While the many satellite stations repeat this data and insist it is transient, Si-Woo is sure that it is a “bomb” of sorts, a storm that is about to develop. Si-Woo eventually connects directly with the top office — and Ha-Kyung – to relay his findings.

Given Si-previous Woo’s skill in predicting hail, he expects significant rain in the next 2-3 hours. It’s up to Ha-Kyung to make the final decision. With the possibility of her wedding being cancelled looming, she turns off her phone and decides to postpone issuing a heavy rain warning for another hour. Si-Woo is dissatisfied with her and eventually defies her.

A severe weather warning like this requires a lot of preparation, including sandbags along the shorelines, unclogged drains, and even tarps pulled over building sites. While all of this is going on, Ha-Kyung arrives to visit Si-Woo, who appears to be sure in his evaluation. After all, Si denotes time and Woo denotes rain. And, as luck would have it, heavy rain begins to fall. He was absolutely correct!

When Ha-Kyung turns on her phone later that night, she discovers that her wedding arrangements have all been cancelled. What’s the matter with Ki-Jun? Ha-Kyung instead walks over to his house, leaving his phone switched off, and silently enters.

When reporter Chae decides to end their relationship, Si-life Woo’s comes crumbling down as well. It’s something she’s wanted to do for a long time, but it’s only now that she’s chosen to do it.

After that, we fast forward two months. Director Choi is back on the job, and he goes for a walk with Ha-Kyung. Choi has quit because he no longer wants to work in meteorology, but he is happy that Ha-Kyung is willing to take over. When Ha-Kyung returns to work, however, everything comes crumbling down. Unfortunately, this all comes crashing down when Ha-Kyung returns to work.

Ki-Jun, her ex-fiancé, will be taking over as director instead. Bong-Chan advises she engage in dispatch training, but this would require her to leave for a year and travel to Switzerland. If she enjoys her time there and accepts the post, the year could be extended.

When Ha-Kyung returns home, she discovers that her television is disappeared. In fact, a slew of other equipment has vanished as well. This, it turns out, is Ki-fault. Jun’s He’s grabbed many of the most expensive appliances, arguing that because he paid for half of the apartment, they are essentially his. He’s also going to take the apartment, which is unfortunate. Why? Well, it turns out the value of the property has gone up, leaving Ha-Kyung stunned.

 Forecasting Love and Weather Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online