From Scratch Review 2022 Tv Show
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From Scratch Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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From Scratch Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

I absolutely loved From Scratch! 🙂 I highly recommend it! Zoe and Eugenio are marvelous in this! The title of the show seems odd and uninviting at first, but it’s deeply meaningful once you’ve seen the entire show. 🙂

I feel that it is a wonderful combination of the tv show, This is Us, and the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, with a “love story for the ages” and a little Romeo and Juliet also.

The deep, passionate love, respect, and acceptance that Lino and Amashe (Amy) have for each other, each other’s cultures, and each other’s family is so rare.

Very emotional at times, but always, always uplifting and somehow refreshing and realistic at the same time throughout. I long for a love story and support system like Lino and Amashe’s! I think everyone does.

Absolutely real and absolutely beautiful at the same time. It is extremely rare to find such a realistic portrayal of a lives individually and together, marriage, family, etc, while also having that “This is Us” type “touches you deep inside in a moving and refreshingly healing, cathartic way” beauty.

Of course, the Italian and Sicilian beauty is on full display, as well. 🙂

If you are someone who loves real and devoted love stories and stories about families, you’ll love this. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to accept or deal with the fact that life can have great suffering yet with the right support system, it can be absolutely beautiful still, then you may not like this.

I personally hope everyone will watch this, because seeing a black woman (and her family) so well-loved by a European Sicilian man and vice versa (Sicilians are also not treated well) on top of such a beautifully done movie and love story just makes me deeply happy. 🙂

I honestly think many people need to learn from and experience the beauty of loving people for themselves and letting go of all racism, prejudice, preconceived notions, etc that they may have.

This is truly one of my new favorite love stories. I will be re-watching this often, as I do Under the Tuscan Sun. Still hoping to find my Lino one day. 😉

From Scratch Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online