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Love Me Instead 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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Love Me Instead 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Musa ( Sarp Akkaya ) has been behind bars for 14 years . But now he’s allowed out, at least for a day, to travel to his old home. He wants to use this to see his family, especially his daughter Yonca ( Aleyna Özgeçen ), with whom he was never a real relationship. The fact that he is accompanied by a guard who is supposed to take care that he does not run away does not bother him. He is grateful to have this chance at all and hopes to be able to leave the past behind. Once there, however, he realizes that it is not as easy as he had hoped …

In the past few weeks, Netflix has added a number of very solid titles to its range of Turkish titles. Whether it’s the unexcited youth drama Last Summer or the twisty thriller Groll , the streaming service covered a wide variety of areas. With My daughter is now a title that is somehow applied between these two poles follows. The official description of the film suggests a family drama when a man who has been in prison for many years is allowed to meet his loved ones again and thus has the opportunity to reconcile himself with them again. One of those tearful dramas in which a lot of emotional laundry is washed.

In part, that’s not wrong. But only in part. There would of course be the question of what exactly the man has now committed, why he has been in prison for 14 years and is still waiting for a real end. That is already an unmistakable sign that this story will take a dark turn, especially since My daughter has  been playing with cards face down for a long time. In this way, the Turkish drama is linked to a higher mystery part, which is supposed to arouse curiosity in the audience. This is not particularly subtle, there is not just a little lure, but rather aggressively waving the fence post. And in the event that you haven’t seen it yourself, you hit it hard again, just in case.

Even with the drama part later, you should be a bit tougher. As soon as the film reaches its climax and reveals what was actually being played there, background music is chosen that would be intrusive and flattered. This is of course not uncommon. In the case of the German colleague Hannes , the audience should also not get a chance to develop their own sensation and possibly not react as intended. You shouldn’t have any problems with such clumsy dramatizations. Those who are not receptive to such things will  end up having their problems with My Daughter . It would have been nice if the director and screenwriter Mehmet Ada Öztekin would have trusted the audience more when it was staged.

But even if these derailments are troubling the film, they cannot completely destroy it. There are the secrets that are hinted at here early and that will only be revealed later. These twists are definitely tough. Also shows my daughterhow desperation and anger can drive you into something that can haunt you for a lifetime. Öztekin is telling a classic tragedy that would have worked today as it did 40 years ago, in Turkey, here or elsewhere. That is perhaps too little for an audience that actually hopes for new types of viewing experiences through such Netflix imports. But if you just want to see a bitter family story with slight genre borrowings, you will get your money’s worth with this beautifully illustrated article.

Love Me Instead 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online