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My Amanda 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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My Amanda 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Alessandra de Rossi

Writer: Alessandra de Rossi

Stars: Alessandra de Rossi, Piolo Pascual

This is the question that the new Netflix movie ‘My Amanda’ poses. The film, which stars Alessandra de Rossi and Piolo Pascual, who also served as the director and co-producer, respectively, was released globally as a Netflix exclusive yesterday, July 15.

The two veteran actors play Amanda and TJ, who have the pet names “Fuffy” and “Fream” for each other. They are best friends who have an unusual closeness that some would think they were a married couple rather than two best friends. Fuffy and Fream know everything there is to know about each other–from habits, to mannerisms, to body language, and even each other’s deepest darkest secrets.

And just like any other friendship, giving each other advice is also a part of their tight-knit relationship. The two help each other out with their complicated relationships and let the other know what they think is best for them.

But can a guy and a girl really just be friends?

For Fuffy and Fream, it seems so. In the movie, both can be seen encouraging each other to meet people and date–especially Amanda, who even teases TJ for still not finding the one. And when one of them is dating someone, the other acts as the protective but easy-to-get-along-with sibling. It just shows the beauty of friendship, where you can gain a new sibling in your friends.

My Amanda also highlights that friendships aren’t always rainbows and butterflies. Friends–even the closest ones like Fuffy and Fream–fight, disagree, and even get tampo with each other at times. But the connection between them will always bring them back to each other.

For anyone looking for a movie to watch over the weekend, or for a sanity break between meetings or classes, My Amanda is a great choice. Not only will it make you realize the value of friendship, and make you give more importance to your friendships, but it will also teach you life lessons about love.

Fuffy and Fream also teach us that not all love is romantic; friendships are bound by love as well! And the pair is indeed a good example that shows us that– our true friends are our chosen family, as they say.

My Amanda 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online