My Daemon Review 2023 Tv Show
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My Daemon Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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My Daemon Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

My Daemon, or Boku no Daemon, is a new sci-fi animated series bearing a heavy influence of the anime style, even though it is a Thai-Japanese joint production. The show, featuring thirteen episodes of twenty to thirty minutes duration, is centered around the world of the future, where creatures known as daemons roam free and are considered a great threat to humanity. But also living in this world is a young boy named Kento, who dearly loves his small daemon companion, Anna. My Daemon provides a nice and heartfelt watch, and the art style needs to be specifically praised.

The story of My Daemon begins in Tokyo, which is much changed from the present, for the world being presented here is one where a catastrophic nuclear disaster has taken place. After a horrible explosion at some large nuclear site, an element known as daemonium started showing up as small grains of sand and dust, which soon spread all over the world. These grains of sand then kept growing into various unnatural beasts and creatures, which the humans termed daemons and started to fear. The daemons acted exactly like wild animals, but with more ferociousness and also some supernatural abilities, for they were technically the results of the nuclear disaster and were, therefore, mutated to varying degrees. Even in the current state of the world, which has reestablished stable societies and countries, daemons are still feared and killed, for they are considered the biggest threat to human civilization.

In this world lives a young boy named Kento Tachibana, who is unable to understand why humans fear and hate daemons so much, for he finds them extremely adorable. Kento had found one grain of unusual-looking sand one day and had decided to keep it. This grain has now grown into a small daemon resembling a puppy, except with eyes all over its body, and Kento has lovingly named her Anna. There is a special power in Anna, too, for she is able to store things magically inside her body without any limit to size or quantity, and this results in a lot of trouble for her and Kento soon. Since storage daemons like her are extremely rare and considered very dangerous, daemon hunters are quickly sent after the boy and Anna.

As the name suggests, daemon hunters are humans who hunt down rogue and wild daemons, often with the help of their own captive daemons, and they work like hired hitmen. One such hunter reaches Kento’s neighborhood in Tokyo and attempts to forcibly take Anna away. Although the little daemon can be saved, mostly because of her special power to teleport objects, a different tragedy strikes when the hunter attacks Kento, and the boy’s mother steps in to protect him. The loving mother, Kaoru, dies within some time, with her son being able to do nothing to save her. Terribly grieved by the loss, Kento decides that he must try to revive his mother to life with the help of a mythical daemon in Kyushu that is supposed to be able to rewind time. For now, Kento stores Kaoru’s dead body inside Anna and sets out on a long journey towards Kyushu, facing great dangers on the way.

The main conflict between daemons and humans, as shown in My Daemon, is a clear lack of understanding, for daemons are not just blindly violent but have reasons for their aggressive behavior. The parallel here, of course, is with wild animals in our own world, which need to be understood and their needs considered, and not just butchered like humans once used to. Numerous daemons in the animated series act aggressively because they have been mistreated and sometimes tortured. Examples of this begin in the very first episode, when the hunter is killed by his own daemon, Casper, once it is freed by Kento, for the hunter used to attack Casper with electric shock whenever he felt angry.

Similarly, the balloon-type daemon in the second episode, Baron, is extremely loyal to his owner, Uraga, and he tries his best to save the man as well. But Uraga used to be harsh on Baron as well, and the daemon is intelligent enough to understand that Kento is absolutely not like that. In the next city that the protagonist travels to, a daemon named Senju haunts the nearby area and also takes a child hostage. When a team is sent to investigate the matter, the blood-thirsty Senju, which is obsessed with killing humans, is found to have a sad past as well. The daemon once belonged to a hunter who was abusive, and it then managed to escape once the chain keeping it under control was broken. But the trauma of being hit and tortured every time it failed to do its job lived on in Senju, and so whenever someone tried to kill it, the Daemon revived and kept growing more hands.

The only moment when Senju stops in its tracks and halts its attack on Kento is when it realizes that the human boy was trying to sacrifice his own life in order to save Anna. Even later on in the series, other daemons are able to sense the goodness in Kento, and this is exactly what sets him apart from other humans. The boy is very dedicatedly kind and compassionate towards all daemons, for he truly has the innocence to believe that all daemons become violent only as a form of reaction. The reason why daemons are so hated by humans is that millions of humans lost their lives because of the actions of some daemons, and this experience made them bitter. But it can be argued that Kento still has innocence in him, which convinces him that daemons cannot be inherently cruel.

It is probably because of this innocence that Kento always jumps into situations to understand daemons and then ensure their safety from humans. He also physically has a connection with the daemons, as there is an active daemonium residue growing inside his own body, symbolized by the big scar on the side of his face. It is through this daemonium that he is able to literally speak with the creatures and understand their suffering better. The boy’s best friend, Anna, also starts to evolve into a deadly beast that is capable of destroying everything in its way, but only when Kento is attacked or threatened. Thus, Anna, too, gives her everything to save Kento multiple times, even if that means giving up her original self.

During his adventures across Japan, Kento meets with a friendly young woman named Kaede. Unlike most of the other such characters, who first act friendly and then turn against the boy, Kaede is always helpful towards him. There is a specific reason for this, too, as Kaede has a very deep and personal interest in the question of whether humans and daemons can really co-exist in peace. It is to learn more about the special bond between Kento and Anna that Kaede sticks with them. Very soon, it is revealed that Kaede has some ties with the opposing faction as well, even though the young woman is not associated with them.

After the emergence of daemons all over the world, a Japanese man founded a very advanced institute called the Peace Organization, which studied daemons and also took up the responsibility of keeping the creatures in check so that they would not be able to harm humans. The founder of the Peace Organization is actually the one who calls for the immediate capture of Anna, for he has a very personal hatred against storage daemons. Incidentally, the founder is also Kaede’s own grandfather, and the reason for his hatred is an incident from the past. Many years ago, the founder’s daughter, meaning Kaede’s mother, had gone to Seori Island in order to study a new type of daemon that had emerged. But at the time, a storage daemon like Anna had also appeared and destroyed the whole island by taking all of it inside its storage space.

Kaede’s mother was also lost on that day, along with two thousand other islanders who disappeared. Therefore, Kaede, too, is, in a way, on a very personal mission to learn more about her mother and try to revive her, just like Kento. However, she is also compassionate enough to find her grandfather’s methods faulty, for violence against daemons cannot be the way to solve the mystery. She keeps fighting for Kento, and even later on, she tries to make the boy understand and advise him on what to do next.

Ultimately, there is good news for Kaede at the very end of My Daemon when she realizes that storage daemons like Anna all use a shared storage space, which means that the Seori island can be brought back to existence with the help of Anna. Kaede also spots the entire Seori island inside the daemon’s storage space within the few moments she spends at the strange place. Kaede informs her grandfather about this, who ultimately gives up on his violent crusade against daemons and decides to research more on the creatures. Kaede and her grandfather would definitely try to revive their mother and daughter, respectively.

My Daemon Review 2023 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online