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Those games which are played through the internet are called online games. These games are at their peak of popularity. Nowadays every child knows online games and how are they played. Not only children but adults also enjoy playing online games. People can also make money from it by recording while playing different kinds of games and then uploading the video on YouTube where game lovers come to watch and learn more about the game.

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These games can be played on different devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones also. It depends upon the size of the game but some mobile phones do not support many big Korean online games due to their low specifications. Computers and laptops can run almost all types of online games. Some people also prepare special gaming PCs with high specifications and power to play modern online games as they are heavy games and normal computers can’t play them with difficulties such as slow speed, lagging, and sometimes they get hung and stop working. 

Children who play online games are smarter than those who do not play games. This is because it helps to improve mental health and increase the power of thinking. However, sitting in front of computers for more time can also be harmful to your health. So online games should be played for certain hours in a day or a week. 


Games play a big role in the development of personalities. If you want to groom mentally and socially you must play online games. Some of their advantages are given below:

  • Social improvement: Online games are played with other people. They may be your friends or strangers. That is why they can help you to grow socially by meeting and chatting with people around the world.
  • Communication skills: Through online gaming, you chat with different people from around the globe. It enhances your confidence in communicating and improves your communication skills which can help you in your life ahead. 
  • Mental ability: Online games help to improve your mental health by doing different tasks. You are given missions that you have to accomplish and compete with different people which increases your thinking power.
  • Promote teamwork: Online games can help you in learning different skills and gives you the experience of teamwork. Multi players games allow people to give their input in teamwork and learn how to handle things in group tasks.
  • Improve multi-tasking skills: Games in which have to find things while fighting and competing with others. The type of games in which you have to do many tasks in a specific type improves your multi-tasking skills.


Everything in this world has a positive as well as a negative impact. There are some limits that you exceed can cause damage. Same is the case with online games also:

  • Health Problems: If you play or sit in front of a computer for more hours, it can cause damage to your eyes as well as your brain. So it is very important to play games for a specific time in the day or week to keep you fit physically and mentally.
  • Online Bullying: Also called griefing is very common nowadays. It is used as a tactic to win the game but it can demotivate you by affecting your confidence.
  • Wrong identities: Not everyone online is who they say they are, gamers should be very careful while disclosing their personal details.

There are different interesting and fascinating online Korean games available on the internet. You can download it and enjoy playing it with your friends and people of different age