Romper Stomper
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Romper Stomper Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Romper Stomper Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators: Dan EdwardsJohn EdwardsGeoffrey Wright

Stars: Toby WallaceSophie LoweLachy Hulme

Review: The show provides many insights into racism, extremism, and their modern iterations, without apology. And I applaud it for that. While delving into the modern far right and left wing, it doesn’t succumb to the false equivalency they’ve been subjected to in recent times. “Anti-fasc” while anarchistic and occasionally violent, are shown to be at the very least compassionate (helping a homeless child), and respectful (when asking for support, offering to let them prove themselves first). On the converse Patriot Blue are shown to use tactics not uncommon to their real life counterparts. Intimidation and demands (not requests) of loyalty are common, and brutal. While they may be two sides of the same coin, one side exudes humanity, the other, inhumanity.

Further, the media does not get off lightly, David Wenham is (as usual) excellent. His depiction of a journalist clearly inspired by, shall we just say A.B. is accurate to a tee. While generally quite eloquent, when his facade has been challenged a different kind of monster emerges, and Wenham has nailed it. Character development, while occasionally slow, is very well done, with the occasional twist. The tragic story of the main character had me feeling exceptionally lucky, and Toby Wallace does a fantastic job with him. A relatively nuanced performance, and the almost imperceptible tics he provides the character makes you feel as though you both do and don’t know this person, and that’s intentional.

Confronting for some, challenging for most, this show should be judged on its’ merits, as such a recommended viewing for anyone (within the age restrictions obviously). But remember, if this show makes the hair on your back bristle, ask yourself; why?

Be wary of low rating reviews, I saw a post on a forum that is frequented by one of the groups dramatized in this show, sending everyone over here to sign up to IMDB and hit this show with bad reviews and low ratings (suggesting accusing it of being crap compared to the movie / ‘bad acting’ / ‘bad writing’ etc.) because they didn’t like their depiction in it and want to shut it down. (After seeing this I checked most of the reviewers who have given it 1 – 2 stars, and most have no other reviews they’ve written on any other film/show on IMDB other than this, and only became a member to post their review here, which seems pretty suspicious to me).

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Romper Stomper Review 2018 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online