The Donor Party 2023 Movie Review
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The Donor Party 2023 Movie Review

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The Donor Party 2023 Movie Review

A divorced woman desperate to have children resorts to drastic measures with help from her enabling friends. The Donor Party takes a raunchy and candid look at female sexuality in modern times. The protagonist is keenly aware of time passing as childbearing years dwindle. Her efforts to find a committed partner has not been born fruit. The idea of random unprotected encounters in one night with men she’ll never see again takes shape – all baby, no daddy. I confess to a few chuckles in the cringeworthy plot, but was left somewhat disgusted. The behavior exhibited is dangerous and unethical with rampant STD proliferation.

Jaclyn (Malin Åkerman) runs into her ex-husband, Todd (Ryan Gaul), and his new wife (Brit Morgan) at a flower shop. She’s demoralized to see him with a baby and her pregnant. Jaclyn had hoped they would have children. He cheated on her, married, and procreated with the younger mistress. A weeping Jaclyn confesses heartbreak to her besties Molly (Erinn Hayes) and Amandine (Bria Henderson). It turns out that Todd wanted children but not with her.

Jaclyn resolves to have children on her own. Artificial insemination costs a fortune, and it takes years to adopt a child. But shacking up with a total stranger as an unwitting sperm donor is totally free. She’ll never see the guy again. He’d have zero responsibilities as a father. The child would be hers alone.

Molly throws a birthday party for her husband Geoff (Rob Corddry). She and Amandine will invite three good prospects, handsome guys who are ostensibly smart and successful.The normally demure Jaclyn dresses provocatively for the occasion. She pokes holes through the pack of condoms. Jaclyn lustily cruises the soirée. Men jump at the chance for sex, but everything certainly doesn’t go according to plan.

The Donor Party goes full tilt with its premise. There’s no nudity but naughtiness abounds. Amandine, a lesbian with eyes on Geoff’s sister, encourages Jaclyn to get down and dirty. Complications arise when feelings, imagine that, come into play and the men aren’t satisfied with a quickie. Gasp…they actually like Jaclyn and want to see her again.

The women chose to have Jaclyn prowl the party because they knew the quality of guys present. This obviously didn’t include any STD or genetic testing. How did they expect Jaclyn to never see the men again if they were all acquaintances of her friends? The film dances around this gaping flaw without ever giving an answer. Jaclyn puts herself and the men she sleeps with at significant health risks. Her promiscuity with purpose turns into Russian roulette with drug-resistant gonorrhea spreading like wildfire.

Jaclyn abhors older men who pursue younger women. She believes they have no interest in her beyond the physical. Ironically, Jaclyn’s decision to use that to her advantage actually exacerbates the problem. The film misses the simple fact that anyone can get pregnant in a one-night stand. Jaclyn didn’t have to jump through hoops. Her decision to become a single mother weighs heavily once the deeds are done. The actual arduous process of adoption reaffirms the desire to have children. It should be difficult and thought out. I can fully appreciate this is a vulgar comedy, but The Donor Party makes inartful attempts at serious discussion about sex and parenthood.

The Donor Party is a production of Indy Entertainment, BondIt Media Capital, Buffalo 8, and LB Entertainment. It will have a theatrical and VOD release on March 3rd from Vertical Entertainment.

The Donor Party 2023 Movie Review