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The Whale 2022 Movie Review

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The Whale 2022 Movie Review

Let me start by saying I’ve been a fan of Fraser since seeing Encino Man as a kid and this guy will always be one of my favorites. To see him somehow thrown out of Hollywood/not casted for the most part for the past decade was very frustrating for me. It was about time someone gave him another chance which Aronfsky and A24 did and it proved successful mainly because of Brendan’s dedicated and emotional performance.

The film itself is quite less pretentious and more honest than most of A24 films to date . It also has more of a down to earth straight forward delivery than most of Aronofsky’s perplexing work. Honestly with the subject matter it needed to be and relies mostly on pure emotion and struggle which is shown masterfully by Fraser.

There have been a lot of preconceived outraged overreactions and ridiculous assumptions based on the fact that Fraser is wearing a fat suit/getting prosthetics to appear as a morbidly obese person. I don’t see why this is a problem mainly due to the fact this is a film made to entertain and to do so sometimes you wear things or makeup to alter looks. It would be difficult to cast a real life person off the street and have them pour their real emotions out on screen. I don’t see that being easy.

Also this is so much deeper than the looks of Fraser in the film and that’s the true intention and power of this piece. People must see this raw and moving performance from Brendan and it’s sure to cause a stir. This is the due Renaissance and comeback for Mr. Fraser.

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The Whale 2022 Movie Review