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Today We Fix the World 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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Today We Fix the World 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

As the creator and producer of the TV show “Today the world is fixed”, David ‘El Griego’ Samaras (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is the classic stereotype of a semi-successful man absorbed by his work: he manages the production of his decadent production with his eyes closed. program, but he does not know what grade or school his son Benito (Benjamín Otero) attends.

El Griego affirms that he loves his son, but it does not seem to affect him in the least when Silvina (Natalia Oreiro) informs him that due to a job offer she is considering moving to Spain with the child. Perplexed by the lack of reaction, Silvina confesses that Benito is not really her son, but dies before being able to give the name of the real biological father.

The Greek then receives what he badly needs: an elegant way to get rid of the child. He just has to help him discover who his real father is so that he can hand over the responsibility and focus on himself again, because the rating of the program to which he dedicated the last years of his life is plummeting and the threat of being lifted from the air is getting closer.

It is probably enough with half an hour of film, or even reading the synopsis, to have a fairly accurate idea of ​​everything that is going to happen throughout Today the world is fixed. It’s just that neither surprise nor complexity seems to be mandatory in cinema when there are enough familiar faces passing in front of the camera in any scene to justify putting their names on the poster and trailer. If afterward they’re just irrelevant cameos to the plot, your job is done.

So, the most interesting thing that Today the world has to offer are a couple of crossovers with good chemistry between Sbaraglia and Otero, who achieve some moments of tenderness or even good drama despite the fact that the dialogues that the script marks them make an effort for avoiding it. It is up for discussion whether the comments made by some characters from Hoy se orden el mundo, about the scriptwriters of the TV show being cheesy and repetitive, are actually a rather meta request for help that seeks to cross the screen to detach from the result or just an unexpected accident.

The relationship between the protagonists progresses with the same extreme linearity as their mission. And while they visit the child’s potential biological parents together, they discover Silvina’s previous life, one that Benito could not know and that the Greek was never interested in. With each visit they develop a bond by osmosis that is strengthened by the simple fact of being close to each other, while the film juggles throwing things in their path so that it seems that something else is happening, that something of all this makes sense. or that influences the central plot in some way that is not just superficial.

The realization does not lack resources or skills, everything complies with the neatness and prominence expected of an industry product of this type, which never lacks a public willing to find it attractive. Especially if they promise to see a couple of their favorite actors and actresses on the big screen composing some loose emotional or funny scenes, which are piled up one after the other until they reach a denouement that leaves them with a smile. If it also helps an absent father to clear up guilt for concentrating on his audiovisual activity rather than on paternity, in Today the world is fixed, that is a bonus.

Today We Fix the World 2022 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online