7 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry
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7 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

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The human beings in the ancient times have discovered that certain gemstones have healing properties also. If you will search on google then you will find that there are so many health benefits of wearing silver jewelry. We know that mood rings are worn for fun purposes and amulets are worn to protect you from dangers. It is a fact that silver has mystical powers so it

is very good if we start wearing gems made from it.

You should go to some jewelry mart to see certain gemstones which can make your life better because of their healing properties. It is present in the history that certain metals and gems have healing powers wrapped up in them. Many people have strong belief in these powers of the metals and gems. The kings in ancient times used to wear crowns to symbolize power and wealth, as well as to protect themselves from evil.

So, what can be the true benefits of wearing its gems? No conclusion came out of the studies, it was just people’s belief. But there are some other ways in which it can be beneficial to our health if we wear it as jewelry. In the current trend, sterling silver has become more popular than gold. It can be used as a metal base in some jewelry items. It has high value, good appearance and it is comparatively cheaper than gold. Other than this, it has some more benefits.

Now I will describe some of the benefits of silver jewelry.

1.Powerful antimicrobial agent– The silver metal has so many benefits to our health that it has been in use for centuries and many cultures have adopted it. It has been found that this metal is a strong antimicrobial agent. It can heal wounds, prevent from cold and flu, fight infections and much more.

2.Internal heat regulation– Silver can help in regulating internal heat. People who have worn it for a long time have found that their overall temperature of the body has been balanced, blood circulation has been improved, moods have been balanced  and energy levels have been improved. It helps in maintaining immunity and cleanliness.

3.Use as an antibiotic and sterilizer– Silver can be used as an antibiotic and we can use it in sterilization also. Many ladies and gents have started wearing its gems which protects them from bacteria, virus, flu and infection. After knowing the benefits of this metal many manufacturers have started making medical equipment from this metal.

It has the property of keeping our blood vessels elastic, so that it can help in the formation of bones and healing. It also maintains skin and helps in repairing it. 

4.Avoid potentially toxic substances– One of the tangible benefits of silver is that it helps in avoiding substances that are potentially toxic. When we wear this metal, it reacts with other chemicals called toxins and changes its color, thereby protecting us from them. For example, if the color of this metal changes to blue, it indicates the presence of too much sodium in your body. This will force you to stop eating too much salty snacks.

It is not necessary that you have to wear it as jewelry only for health purposes. You can wear them in some other ways also. For example some people have started wearing sleep masks that have silver lining so that their night’s rest can be improved and some have started wearing gloves with this metal lining to protect their body from harmful electronic signals coming from the laptop while typing on it.

5.Thermal and electrical conductivity– Silver is beneficial to our health because of its thermal and electrical conductivity. The silver ions that are positively charged can make a conductive field. This field keeps our body away from electromagnetic radiation. It restores the natural conductivity of the body and improves the temperature balance of our body. It also improves

our blood circulation. Silver ions that are positively charged attach themselves to those oxygen receptors present in bacteria that are negatively charged. This is the reason this metal can protect us from some diseases and infections caused by bacteria.

6.Preventing arthritis– A research has been done which proves that if we wear a particular kind of silver ring then it can help in removing some of the arthritic symptoms from our hands. There is a problem of hyper-extension in the joints of fingers of those people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This hyper-extension can be prevented by wearing silver splints that are specially designed for this purpose.

7.Relieve from anxiety– There is a special ring made of silver called a spinner ring in which there is a mechanism of outer ring moving over the inner ring. This gives a soothing effect to the person who wears it. So, if you have worn this metal ring and want to relieve anxiety, all you have to do is just spin this metal ring.

You can wear a statement jewelry online made of silver to keep yourself free from many minor problems and diseases. It will help to keep your blood circulation normal and regulate your body temperature.