Best Netflix Hacks for Users in 2021
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Best Netflix Hacks for Users in 2021

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Best Netflix Hacks for Users in 2021

Entertainment is one of the longest-standing notes in man’s history and development. This is because entertainment is aimed at providing joy and laughter to its audience.

The term “entertainment” can be seen as relative, as a performance or an act can only be deemed as entertaining if it is received well by the audience.

In a bid to relieve the viewer from the realities of regular life and most importantly keep them engaged, the entertaining media has to connect with the audience. This is the major reason why some if not all forms of entertainment tend to have a certain culture ascribed to them.

History of Entertainment

Music & Drama remain the top and oldest forms of entertainment, particularly because they had the liberty to evolve. The drama was first introduced in the early 5th century in Athens, Greece, but its influence soon spread all over Greece and the world at large.

Drama was originally classified into three genres – comedy, tragedy, and satyr. As of today, there are well over 20 different genres through which movies can be made and classified into.

The Birth of Cinematography

Live performance theaters were the only medium through which drama could be broadcast for several centuries, until December 1895 when the Lumiére brothers premiered the first movie as moving pictures to an audience for a fee. 

The presentation was done through a device of their own making – a Cinématographe or Cinematographer (English), which served as a camera, a filmmaker, and a projector. The presentation of moving pictures at theaters continued for another half-century until the Videocassette recorder (VCR) was created in 1956 by Charles Ginsburg of Sony Group. 

VCRs as the primary medium of video delivery lasted until 1996 when Digital Video Discs (DVDs) were invented in the United States of America.

What Motion Pictures has come to be

The latest and biggest step in movie delivery to people is the online streaming method. There are several streaming services with tens of millions of subscribers around the world simply because of the ease and comfort they afford their customers.

Netflix Inc., an American company, is arguably the biggest of the streaming services in terms of net worth and an overall number of subscribers – boasting of over $240 billion in revenue and over 200 million worldwide subscribers. 

Netflix originally started as a movie rental establishment in 1998, allowing people to rent movies through home delivery or pick-up at the store.

This continued until 2007, when Netflix Inc. launched its online streaming platform, becoming the first to do so, and paving the way for several others like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, etc.

Movie Expectations for 2021

2021 promises to be a busy year for Netflix because several big movie franchises have several blockbuster movies and series set to come back to our screens following the lockdown in many countries in 2020.

Movies like “Kissing Booth 3” and “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” for romance lovers, “Mortal Kombat” and “Black Widow” for action and sci-fi lovers are all set to premiere on Netflix in 2021.

Series lovers are not to be left out as well, with the return of content like “Sex education” and the final and much anticipated final season of “La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)” all making their way to the big screens.

Best Tips for Netflix Users

  1. Bypass Geo-Restrictions with a VPN

Netflix has tons of movies available in its library. However, a portion of its content is not available in certain countries. This is due to certain agreements related to copyright.

Netflix subscribers that travel to other countries temporarily or permanently can experience this issue. When you download a VPN, the spread of network traffic gets routed from the VPN’s servers. If the VPN server you’re connected to is in the US, you’re likely to have full access to different types of content.

  1. Use the Netflix Party Plug-in

Do you want to revive the feeling you get when your clique heads over to watch movies at cinemas? In countries that have a lockdown restriction because of the coronavirus pandemic, cinemas may not be open. Nevertheless, you can create a ‘cinema’ using a Netflix extension.

This browser extension permits you to stream a movie or TV show subsequently with several friends. It also contains a chat box that allows users to make comments.

  1. Get Netflix Flip

This tip aids in maintaining an optimal physical status. Chances are you watch Netflix movies late in the night. During this period, you may want to lie down but get prevented from doing so because you wouldn’t enjoy the movie from that angle.

With the Netflix Flip plug-in, you can turn your screen to the right or left, depending on what position you’re sleeping in.

  1. Get an Education with the Language Learning Extension

You can concurrently watch a movie in another language and absorb the dialect at the same time. You can only use this extension when streaming on your internet browser. 

This language learning plug-in works by displaying subtitles in your language and that of the movie. You can also use the extension’s custom dictionary to improve your vocabulary in the other language. At least a million Netflix users utilize this cool extension.

  1. Change Subtitle Appearance

Although subtitle appearance might seem insignificant, it affects your behavior towards a movie or show. Using fonts and text thickness you’re comfortable with can help you get settled down into the Netflix content.

You can modify stuff like the color, size, font, of your Netflix subtitles to your taste. Simply head over to ‘Account’, then click on ‘Profile’. In there, you’ll see an option to change ‘Subtitle Appearance’.


Movies as a form of entertainment have come a long way. From relying only on cinemas to watching films from the comfort of our homes, the movie industry has strived to accommodate our excesses. 

Because you pay an equivalent sum with other Netflix subscribers doesn’t mean you’re fully enjoying the service. To maximize utility while using the world’s biggest movie streaming service, you can download a VPN, use the language learning extension, the Netflix Flip plug-in, and adjust your subtitle appearance. If you are still looking for more content, make sure you check out other live TV streaming services. Happy streaming!

Best Netflix Hacks for Users in 2021