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Headspace Guide to Sleep Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Headspace Guide to Sleep Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

In January, the popular mindfulness website Headspace, in collaboration with Vox Media, debuted Headspace Guide To Meditation. It turns out that the animated guide to adding mindfulness to your life was the first of a trio of series. The second series really gets into the nitty gritty; Headspace Guide To Sleep examines the reasons why we don’t sleep, busts some myths about sleep, and provides meditation exercises to help us sleep better.

Opening Shot: An orange moon in a dark sky. Narrator Evelyn Lewis Prieto — the “director of meditation” at Headspace — says, “Still awake? Well, you’re not alone. On some nights, falling asleep and staying asleep can feel really tricky, and we all know that being tired is just no fun.”

The Gist: Headspace Guide To Sleep, like its cousin series Headspace Guide To Meditation, not only tries to inform viewers, but soothe them at the same time. Each of the seven episodes, produced by the popular mindfulness website along with Vox Media, uses animation and a soothing narration to not only explore issues about various reasons why we’re not getting enough sleep, but also gives viewers an 8-10 minute guided meditation exercise to try.

Why concentrate on sleep? Well, as Prieto tells us, adding mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine has been shown to help aid in longer, better quality sleep. And, boy do we need it.

In the first episode, Prieto busts some of the biggest myths about sleep, like the hard-and-fast 8-hour rule. It’s more like an average between 7 and 9 hours, she says. Too much sleep is bad for your health; exercising a couple of hours before bed will help you sleep better; alcohol blocks REM sleep, so try not to imbibe right before bed; and caffeine during the day is OK if you try to limit it to a few cups before 5 PM.

But what she mostly talks about is that you can’t hack sleep; everyone’s way to fall asleep is different. But mindfulness and meditation does help. This is when she leads us through a mindfulness exercise, with a graphic that shows a house in the distance at night, waving bushes and trees surrounding it.

Our Take: We actually think that Headspace Guide To Sleep, the second of a trio of Headspace/Vox collaborations that will debut on Netflix, is a little more useful than its predecessor. While the Meditation series was more of an overview of mindfulness and the various ways it can help you maintain some balance and peace in life.

The Sleep series dives into practical issues about why we don’t sleep, from our overreliance on devices to how we can control our dreams via meditation to what contributes to insomnia. Even though the actual non-meditation part of each episode is a brief 10-12 minutes, there’s more than enough information imparted to get you to thinking about how you deal with sleep.

As we did with the Meditation series, we tried out the meditation exercise at the end of Episode 1, and whaddaya know: We fell asleep! We could have been particularly tired the afternoon we tried that first episode, but what happened was exactly as Prieto described at the top of the episode: “Welcome to the first series where we hope you won’t make it to the end credits still awake.” The trick is, of course, actually listening to the guidance and making sure you follow it, and not being too hard on yourself. If thoughts creep in, that’s fine; you just need to figure out how to make sure they don’t take over your thought process.

Headspace Guide to Sleep Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online