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Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

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Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Kapil Sharma is a name you don’t take ‘lightly’ (no-pun intended). Kapil, the man responsible for bringing smiles to half of India’s population as he grinds with controversies and his midnight ‘tweet’ shenanigans. Through his new Netflix show ‘I am not done yet’ Kapil Sharma makes it LOUD and CLEAR that nothing can dull his light. As Kapil acknowledges, cracks a joke about his ordeals and traces his journey from Punjab to becoming the biggest comedian India has seen, you can’t miss the vulnerability behind.

Kapil’s debut act for Netflix is for almost an hour. Standing on the stage holding a mic, Kapil seemed fitter than before but also slightly awkward, away from his home ground. Grabbing attention in a suit-buit, the Punjabi at heart, Kapil starts with self-depreciating joke on English language and of course, his infamous episodes on social media after pegging down a few pegs. Taking a jibe on the episode and his tweets to Mr. Modi as a part of his drunken tales, Kapil is disarmed and honest. He, in fact, even jokes about spending more running away from bots post the episodes than in his entire life.

After warming up, Kapil recalls sharing a drink with his dad and his ‘desi’ equation with him, about his trails and tribulations with the dream city, starting with theatre and winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Most of his sketch is based on how he learnt and understood his dad more after he embraced fatherhood himself. He also raises a toast to his dad by dedicating a song in English to him, which moves you against your will. Kapil also briefly touches upon him falling into depression and rising out of it.

It is refreshing to see Kapil taking the baton in his hand, without his team around to support or fill in the void, or use his style of repetitive puns to pass it off a joke. In a long time, in fact, for the first time post The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Kapil was left to feel vulnerable on stage with the entire focus on him, making attempts to bring a smile on his face. The struggle was apparent. He felt awkward at first, struggling to fill in the gaps with awkward silences and moving on to the next line to pack the punch. As cliche as it might sound but that exactly made this one hour with Kapil seem real.

It wasn’t acting, it was purely him being himself, proving to the world busy writing him off, that he is here to stay. The fact that he had little qualms about admitting to his weaknesses and feel exposed speaks volumes of the artist that he has come to become. Full marks to the efforts, although, at first, I was confused if it was rather a Netflix endorsement ad, with the amount of references made to the platform. Although, once things are settled, the one hour passes by without much struggle, with occasional genuine laughters and the recorded ones filling the gaps otherwise (you know what I mean).

The tonality of the act was more or less honest, but, at some point, I wondered if this was all to an image-building act. But, brushing off that cynicism, one can enjoy Kapil attempting something new in a long time.

I am not done yet, though scripted, is real and raw as we see Kapil struggle to keep up for an hour, without any crutch of his team, making attempts to deliver the right punch. He succeeds most times, fails sometimes and that is why my friend, Kapil is not done YET.

Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet Review 2022 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew Online