Secret Magic Control Agency
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Secret Magic Control Agency 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

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Secret Magic Control Agency 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director:Aleksey Tsitsilin

Writers:Analisa LaBianco, Vladimir Nikolaev

Stars:Erica Schroeder, Mary O’Brady, Georgette Reilly

Gretel has an important task in her life: As an agent of the magic supervisory office, she has to watch over that no nasty wizards or witches are up to mischief. She carries out this task with the greatest possible seriousness. This was also the case when a monarch fell victim to a kidnapping that clearly involved black magic. To her amazement, however, she is said to be working with a partner this time. Worse still: it is her brother Hansel. The relationship between the two of them has been difficult for quite a while as she thinks he’s wasting his life while she’s always working hard. And yet she will soon have to rely on him when she comes up against a powerful enemy …

The Russian animation studio Wizart Animation has fought for a thematically somewhat limited, but definitely profitable niche in recent years. The specialty is old fairy tales, which are vigorously rewritten and adapted to modern viewing habits. The  story of Hans Christian Andersen was the inspiration for The Snow Queen . In Völlig von der Wolle: A fairytale-like mess  , elements from The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats were taken over. Some of the templates were hardly recognizable. But the titles were already successful: The first series is currently being worked on on part five, the second is soon to receive a third film.

It remains to be seen whether it will also bring Secret Magic Oversight to a close . At least the animated title, published exclusively on Netflix , is one of the best in Wizart’s filmography. The principle is well known. Once again an old fairy tale was unearthed and completely transformed. This time it got Hansel and Gretel  . The story of two children who fall into the clutches of an evil witch has of course already known numerous, in some cases radical, reinterpretations. At Gretel & Hänsel , this turned into a feminist coming-of-age horror drama , Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters  transported the well-known characters into an action blockbuster.

It  doesn’t get comparably gloomy in the Secret Magic Supervision Office . Even if there are of course again great dangers and overpowering enemies, this is packed into a brightly colored adventure. There is also a lot of humor. In fact, the film has little sense of the fairytale itself, but is more oriented towards works like Men in Black . Just like there, there are always some strange creatures here, people are rushed through the area, while at the same time the characters throw some kind of sayings at each other. First and foremost, of course, the siblings, who are hardly compatible, but still have to work together, are a grateful template for strange friction.

A bit of contemplation should not be missing, however, as the two – as always in such cases – grow together over time and overcome their differences. Similar to the later parts of The Snow Queen , the Secret Magic Supervision Office tells  the story of sister and brother who go on adventures together, but during which there are regular crashes. To take up the principle here again is of course not necessarily a sign of the utmost creativity. Otherwise, people rested a little bit on the standard elements of such animated films, resorted to talking animals or other comical sidekicks so that the young target audience felt at home here despite the imaginative environment.

Slight orientation difficulties are still inevitable. The reason: Alexey Tsitsilin and his 4 (!) Co-authors put pretty much everything into the film that came to their minds. What at first looks like a clearly defined assignment, later – not least because of a certain physical change – becomes a wild mix of various topics and characters. That goes hand in hand with an increased entertainment factor, especially with young viewers, for whom turbulent action is more important, a story that provides a framework. But over time it becomes clear that at the Secret Magic Inspectorate there is no real goal. A concept that offers more than a loose sequence of individual scenes – as if one had already tried to pack the serial narration of the other series into just one film.

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Secret Magic Control Agency 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online