Trailer Park Boys The Animated Series
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Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Review 2019 Tv Show Season Cast Crew Online

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Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Review 2019 Tv Show Season Cast Crew Online

Star: John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith

Review: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles and the others had imagined a little different. Sure, their plans do not quite work out and they end up in jail, they’re used to it. Actually, that happens to them all the time. But this time, it’s different: they’ve become cartoon characters. Did you perhaps take too much mush over and over? Either way, somehow they have to get back to normal life. And admittedly there is one or the other advantage of being just an animated character, as you may soon discover …

Someone once said that whenever the authors of ongoing comedies-whether sitcoms or film series-find nothing new, they send their protagonists on their travels. If there are no new jokes, maybe we can tell the old ones in a new environment? The suspicion is also on Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Serieson, but it is officially the 13th season of the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys . And such perennial burners are often associated with small signs of fatigue.

Wait, what are we doing here? 
At least the first episode of the Netflix series is then optimistic that the change of medium could actually be a source of inspiration for new gags. The guys are not just animated. They are also aware that they are animated. Understandably, this is an extremely confusing, even a little scary experience for them. At the same time, it is exciting, because they can do things that were not possible before. So it’s time to test your own limits, a bit like Shazam!  just in the cinema is doing.

However, this meta-aspect is lost very quickly. Either the boys later completely forgot that they really wanted to go back to reality. Or they do not care. Either way, it is a pity that after the promising start this idea will be dropped again. The potential of an animated series is hardly used afterwards, at most to visually translate things that would not have worked in the original – including an absurd encounter with a tapeworm.

Hi hi, he said cock! 
That alone makes Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series but not worth seeing. Or funny. It is even the extremely weak sense of humor that makes the series quite torturous. Jokes at the Drehbuchteam means in the first place, to build in some curses, pixelated genitals or that somebody somehow fucks in the ass. And be it verbal. For this form of adolescent humor, there is certainly a target group, especially in countries where already the mere thought of sex triggers a giggle or growl. The rest may wonder, when the 10-Dauerige Dauerweil then sometimes funny, as promised.

If at least the optics would do anything interesting. But even there is Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Seriesultimately only cheap zusammengeschusterte disposables. Animations saved themselves as so often in this segment, detail work on the backgrounds should make others. If one had taken the idea of ​​the constant drug offenses at least as an opportunity to visually let the sow out and get a little crazy. No indication, the makers show themselves at the same place as unimaginative and old-fashioned, this comedy trip into the Canadian hinterland you can confidently save.


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Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Review 2019 Tv Show Season Cast Crew Online

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