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What Her Shoes Say About a Woman’s Personality?

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Judge a man by his shoes! But what about women! Well! Do that even more!

Shoes mirror the personality of the wearer and we have heard that since our childhood. But now researchers have proved that shoes do give out the character traits of a person.

The shoes that you choose are the first thing that people notice in you. So when you meet people they may have already made up their mind about you.  

Style or fashion picks up symbolism and meanings from the way it is worn and when it is worn. So what do the shoes represent? Take a look.

  • Heeled Boots – Women who love to wear the high-heeled boots always take charge and take control of the situation. She is fast on the feet and is able to make clear and rational decisions. Such women are extremely self-assured and so people feel safer when she is around. She is assertive and takes charge of the situation.
  • Pumps – These are for the lady boss! The ladies who wear the pumps like to take control and fights for the role of the leadership. Others like to rely on such a person who will never disappoint as she takes care of the business. This happens because of her strong competitiveness and personality which can be pretty intimidating to those who cannot keep up with the pace. Her self-confidence is quite high and she needs to be the centre of attention for proving that.
  • Wedges – The wedge women, like Kate Middleton, always know how to carry oneself. She is assured, graceful and always comes with a strong presence. Her warm and inviting attitude draw people towards her. So the wedge-wearer is quite outgoing and has a strong sense of self.
  • Stilettos – The wearer of stilettos bears a professional attitude and is someone who takes her job quite seriously. Although she likes no mess, she also enjoys having fun. She is extremely hardworking when it comes to career. She cannot even think of giving up on work.  She knows how to maintain work-life balance and her high stilettos keep her on track.
  • Sneakers – Sneaker buff are those who can relate with someone much younger or older than herself. She can both be the life of the party or an old soul. Age is a number for her as she gets along with anyone and everyone. The sneaker wearers are usually quite open-minded and love to try different ideas and are quite versatile. They are ageless and energetic and they are really not old or young. They move smoothly through the age-specific groups.
  • KittenHeels – The kitten heel lover is the one who loves to remain stuck in the 50s and takes pride and enjoys her collection of vintage products. Instead of partying with friends she will love to spend time alone cuddled in her pillow and watch an erstwhile TV show. Old music works like a charm for her and social media actually bores her. Cats and polka dots are her all-time favourite.
  • Flip Flops – Last but not the least, if flip-flops are what someone swears by then she is very easy to get around and is a chilled person. She just goes with the flow and sees where life takes them. The person with flip-flops is happy wherever she is. She is very unconventional and easy-going. She is spontaneous and lives in the moment without giving any thought about what is correct, the norm or what the world expects from her.

With businesses now offering the innovative shoe designer tool which enables customers to design their shoes just the way they want, you have now even more options to flaunt your personality and choices to the world. So what are you waiting for girls! Just get going wearing your personality on your sleeves.

What Her Shoes Say about a Woman’s Personality?