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Wicked Game 2022 Movie Review

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Wicked Game 2022 Movie Review

When Harley joins her new boyfriend for a long Halloween weekend at his country estate, they’re invaded by a band of masked freaks and forced to play a Wicked Game. To the intruders’ unpleasant surprise, Harley’s hard-boiled history has endowed her with a bag of tricks which give the game a surprise ending.

Wicked Games is a project that has a lot of untapped potential once we get to the meat of the movie. The first 15 minutes of the film feel like a cross between mid-’90s MTV2 videos and the Silent Hill 3 video game, with the camera working overtime and making me a little dizzy. However, due to the chaos displayed when a man stumbles upon a death house before going to the police and cryptically telling them, “Find that girl in the video” as he hands them a camera and dies dramatically, I met.

The film follows Harley and Kiel, (played by Christine Sprang and Markus Silbiger), a couple still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship who spend a weekend at the country house of the Kiel family. Once there, Harley finds herself fighting for her life after masked randos appear.

The film seems deliberately geared toward any similarities to You’re Next, but with ridiculous mask choices that elicit laughs when there should be mounting tension. Unlike the last girl in You’re Next, Harley doesn’t seem to have as many survival skills or even want to defend herself when she comes under attack in this house. This is weird because early on, Harley punches a guy in a bar after she casually (and noisily) punches her in the butt twice. The scene is made to feel bigger than it is, thus leading us to believe that there is some trauma surrounding this kick in the ass and that Harley is probably about to be another victim of mishandled sexual abuse in the movie. movie. When Harley’s backstabbing boyfriend Kiel asks her how she learned to fight, after she beats up the loud, slick guy at the bar, she mumbles something about having to learn to fight to keep her virginity.

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Wicked Game 2022 Movie Review