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Miranda Sings Live Your Welcome 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

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Miranda Sings Live Your Welcome 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Director:Marcus Raboy

Stars: Colleen Ballinger, Erik Stocklin

Review:  Growing up knowing of Miranda Sings, it is definitely strange content that was put onto YouTube; but, I think that was the point. Colleen he so many talents, one of them…loving to sing. You will see her EXCEPTIONAL talent throughout this special. Planning a show is difficult because it’s needs to flow, and her show flowed effortlessly. With her planning this show pre-pregnancy, and having a rough pregnancy, to do as well as she did…I’m SHOCKED! The humor that Colleen provides for the parents, and Miranda for the kids, with some innuendos for the older generation and adolescent jokes for the younger crowd, it was an exceptional show full of creativity, fun, childhood memories and wonderful talent!

This special is not for the regular viewer. If you have an appreciation of niche humor, an interest in YouTube, and you know who Miranda Sings is, you’ll love this show. There’s no way around it: Colleen Ballinger has put ten years and too many pounds of lipstick into this show, and it’s magical. The audience loves her unconditionally, and she has made Miranda grow out of such meager beginnings. The culmination of Ballinger’s body of work results in a farcical play of original songs, audience interaction including adults and children, spectacle of adorably childlike set design and costuming, and story telling that delves into the personal life of the creator herself.

The thing I gravitate toward the most and which I wish to see more of is Colleen’s talents and abilities as a singer and actress. It’s very much a Janus head with focus put mostly in the side of chaos and darkness, but it’s always refreshing to see Colleen being herself (or at least a version of herself she’s comfortable sharing). There will of course be people who fault this show for being juvenile, and those will miss the point that that is who this character is: a ridiculous, unapologetic adult-child a la Peewee Herman. Miranda is completely built out of ego, and results in tasteless comments that are offensive only when you forget that the content is coming from an imbecile. She turns every expectation of what “good” is and what “talent” is into their heads and stomps on them, making enough political and adult humor to satisfy the groaning parents in the audience. A difficult thing to accomplish, especially given the niche market to which Miranda caters. Soldier on, Miss Sings. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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Miranda Sings Live Your Welcome 2019 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online